lennyLenny Ibizarre was born Lennart Krarup on August 2, 1972. From the beginning it was clear to his parents that their child had extraordinary skills when he spontaneously fixed a broken television at the age of six. By the age of 10 he was programming machine code in raw hexadecimals and had a habit of completing his annual homework on the first week of school. He quickly turned to experiment with sound and music as the teenager quickly developed a taste for social razzmatazz, and thus fell in love with the electric guitar.

Realising that only the very best gets to go in this world, he took to the Suzuki Method to accelerate his technical proficiency and by 16 his speed on guitar was unparalleled throughout the country. After numerous bands, the summer of 88 came along and, tired of not finding equally dedicated musicians, he called upon his expertise with computers and ventured of into the world of programmed music.

As it was clearly not easy to break into the music scene, he went to complete a dual major at Sussex University in econometrics and cross-cultural psychology. Having maxed out all the historical top math grades at the European School of Bruxelles, he found this to be an easy solution to buy some time and perfect his craft. The day after his final exam he was on a plane back to Ibiza with two suitcases packed with Roland TB303’s, 808 and 909, booked to play his first island gig.

Today, Lenny Ibizarre has been an Ibiza based composer, producer, remixer, label owner and DJ for nearly two decades. His flair with technology and precision engineering has earned him accolades of respect from fans and professionals alike. He beta tests and reviews for more than 70% of the music technology software industry and have presented technology at tradeshows all over the world.

But the true genius in Lenny is to be found within his ability to heal through music. As he puts it himself:

“The construct of the modern egoic mind is ultimately routed in the fear of death. We cling on to things in dread, but the ultimate happiness and liberation lies in the realisation that all things will come to pass. Melancholy is the perfect emotion to express this realisation; it’s a happy-sad feeling: happy for the moments that you’ve had and sad that they’ll never come back again. As instrumental music is purely a roadmap to the interactions of our emotions, and not scathed by words, all it can do is to describe a unique set of feelings. Melancholy is to me the perfect juxtaposition of happiness and sadness which in turn allows the listener to slip in between and into the enlightened surrender to the mystery of life.”

Lenny encapsulated this perfectly when he released his first album “The Ambient Collection”, which eventually brought Mario Warner to sign him with Warner Special Marketing UK. Over the next 5 years they released 6 albums and numerous compilations. Within a year Lenny was remixing artists such as the Doors, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley and his remix of The Doors – Riders on the Storm made its mark by going platinum. His respect for the original song and ability to maintain its core while ushering it into a futuristic dimension have made him the choice producer for many aging platinum artists, who dread being chopped into a glitch dance track.lenny2

He soon proved himself as one the most successful producers in Chill-Out music, when his Chilled Ibiza with Warner UK went multi-platinum. Lenny is presently supplying songs towards to next Chilled Ibiza, which is scheduled for a TV campaign this season 2009. Whilst his productions encapsulate Ibiza’s laid back Balearic Groove his DJ sets can range from upbeat ambient to tight progressive house.

Lenny’s Ibizarre’s DJ sessions have become legendary in Ibiza as his passion for music transpires in sets that can easily last over 6 hours. Lenny Ibizarre has held combined residencies in Ibiza at Pacha, Space, Amnesia and Ku (now Privilege) and Café Del Mar for over a decade. His DJ circuit is mostly private parties all over the world but you can still catch him spinning in Ibiza all season. Lenny also has his weekly show on Ibiza’s Sonica Radio at 95.2 FM.


Lenny Ibizarre – Homegrown Boots Galore by Lenny Ibizarre on Mixcloud

This is my definition of a Balearic dj set: total disregard for the “purist”! A homegrown bonanza of the rather casual selection of the bootlegs/mashups that I’ve spliced together during the 2009 winter. The genre’s are all over the place, so good luck to the pigeon-holers as the borders blur into a total mush of electronic dance culture. Enjoy!

Lenny Ibizarre – Dub Phase Mix by Lenny Ibizarre on Mixcloud

Simple dub-based journey on the Balearic tip

Chill Mix by Lenny Ibizarre on Mixcloud

Lounge Mix by Lenny Ibizarre on Mixcloud



Playlist: Ambient Collection Vol. 1

Playlist: Ambient Collection Vol. 2

Playlist: Ambient Collection Vol. 3

Playlist: Ambient Collection Vol. 4

Playlist: Ambient Collection Vol. 5

Playlist: Ambient Collection Vol. 6


  • The Doors – Riders on the Storm (Electra)
  • Jefferson – Airplane Pretty as you feel (RCA)
  • Kings of tomorrow – Finally (Defected)
  • Dub Tribe Sound System – Do it now (Defected)
  • Bob Dylan All – Along the watch tower
  • Bob Marley – I know a place (Island)
  • Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runner (Warner Music)
  • Ikon feat. Sol – Thinking of you (Jalapeno Records)
  • Kris Hinze feat JXL – Si Senor (Keytone)
  • Mandalay – Beautiful (V2)
  • Eliza Lumley – Creep (Radiohead)
  • Desmond Dekker – Isralites (Atlas)
  • Sphrongle – Divine Moments of Truth (Twisted Records)
  • Manfred Man – Blinded by the light (Universal)
  • Afterlife – Deeper (Hedkandi)
  • H Garden – Oumyouji (19 Box Japan)
  • The Rizwan Brothers – Wheel of fire (Real World)
  • Micheal Gordons – Weather (EMI)
  • Blue Tribe – Whats going on (Virgin)
  • Cirque du Soliei – Ballare and Ombra (Cirque Du Soliei)
  • lennypicFleetwood Mac (Peter Green) – Albatross (Distinctive Records)
  • Cocosteel & Lovebomb – Clear Skies (Other Records)
  • Johnson – It could be (Higher Ground/Sony)
  • Afterlife – Dub in your mind (Hed Kandi)
  • Breaks Co-Op – The Outside (Parlophone Records)
  • Roger Sanchez – Lost (Stealth Records)
  • Deep Dive Corp. – Hold Your Hands Up (Ibizarre Records)
  • Liquid Soul  – The Ritual (Iboga Records)
  • Riktam & Bansi  – Bass Master Zorro (Iboga Records)
  • Nima Gorji – Detachment (Welt Recordings)
  • Ida Corr – Under the sun (Lifted Records)
  • Bird – Bad Connection (Music For Dreams)
  • PolyCat – My Voice/Mystic Dance (Ibizarre Records)
  • Hideyo Blackmoon – Water from the desert (Ibizarre Records)
  • Spleen United – Suburbia (CPH records)
  • Maelstrom – As it should be (Iboga Records)
  • Ganga – Autumn (Flinc Music)

Henry Mancini Remixed

  • The Pink Panther (6 mixes)
  • Peter Gun
  • A Shot in the Dark
  • Something for Jenny
  • Champagne and Quail
  • Navel Manuver
  • Latin Snowfall
  • After the Shower
  • Hatari
  • Theme for a Crazy Chick
  • It had better be tonight
  • The Village Inn
  • Ludmilla’s Theme
  • So Smooth
  • Simone
  • Something for Cat

Nat King Cole in Spanish Remixed (D-Rom)

Contracted to remix and additionally produce the Spanish recordings of Nat King Cole for European release by D-Rom.

  • Ay Cosita Linda
  • Cachito
  • Perfidia
  • El Choclo
  • Quizás
  • Te Quiero Dijiste
  • Yo Vendo unos Ojos Negros
  • El Bodeguero
  • Acércate Mas
  • Fantástico
  • Adelita
  • Nadie Me Ama

Album Discography

  • The Ambient Collection Vol. 1 (CD) Ibizarre Records 1997
  • The Winter Ambient Collection Album Sampler Xtravaganza Recordings 1997
  • Alchemea – A Journey Through Psychedelic Trip-Hop (CD)Ibizarre Records 1998
  • Elevation (CD, Album) Ibizarre Records 1998
  • The Ambient Collection Vol. 2 (CD) Ibizarre Records 1998
  • The Ambient Collection Vol. 3 (CD) Ibizarre Records 1999
  • Musica De Ses Salinas – The Ibizarre Ambient Collection (2xCD) GTN 2000
  • The Ambient Collection Sampler (CD) Ibizarre Records/Warner Strategic Marketing (UK) 2000
  • The Ambient Collection Vol. 4 (CD) Ibizarre Records/Warner Strategic Marketing (UK) 2000
  • Homegrown Sounds From The Island (12″) Warner Strategic Marketing (UK) 2001
  • The Ambient Collection Vol. 5 (CD) Ibizarre Records/Warner Strategic Marketing 2001
  • The Ambient Collection Vol. 6 (CD) Ibizarre Records 2006
  • Nat King Cole, The Spanish Remixes D-Rom Records 2007


Press Quotations

  • “Ambient king and Ibiza legend”  – Ministry in Ibiza (Jeremy Case)
  • “Finally I am no longer alone. This is a talent to look out for” – Jose Padilla (DJ Magazine 1997)
  • “One day this man is going to sell as many CDs as Mike Oldfield” – Muzik (Chris Coco)
  • “Lenny reflects the spiritual side of Ibiza” – Mixmag
  • “Ibiza’s King of Chill” – Ben Osborne (
  • “Lenny exudes that sun-drenched ibizan spirit from every track. His sound is simply cool.” – Ministry Magazine
  • “He is Ibiza’s foremost exponent of Chill Out. Lenny Ibizarre is a star” – Cultura Magazine (Ronnie Randall)
  • “Lenny is on his way to a new dimension, so intense and so complete!” – Dub magazine Ibiza (Andy Hoffer)
  • “The Ibiza scene looks healthy today, with Lennart Krarup releasing cut after cut of blissful Balearic electronica on his Ibizarre label.” – Rough guide to Ibiza (Iain Stewart)
  • “Lenny has to be heard to be believed. Excellent” – DJ Magazine Ibiza Edition (Ben McArdle)
  • “The aural message is impossibly relaxing, and never gets boring” – Future Music
  • “Lenny captures the real feel of Ibiza chillout” – DJ Magazine
  • “The sound of Lenny typifies the early morning sound of Europes No. 1 party island” – Dream Magazine
  • “Lenny proves that the white islands groove is still cool, mellow, euphoric, and universal” – Music Magazine
  • His name crops up everywhere music making is mentioned on the island, how on earth does this hyperactive hippy get his head around it all? – DJ Magazine (Ronnie Randall)
  • “Its hard to find words when you come across something as emotionally charged as this, Lenny Ibizarre has yet again shown the world how to chillout” – 4/5 DJ Magazine UK (Kate Wildblood)
  • “Lenny Krarup who records as Ibizarre is an incredibly prolific and talented producer, the best on the island” – Sally Rogers (A Man Called Adam) on
  • “What a beautiful joint Brilliant” – Fink (Ninja Tune/London Live)
  • “Lenny is Lord of Ibiza Ambient” – Richard Norris (Ammo City/Worldwide)

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